Action Septic Service was founded in 1986 out of our family's desire to live and work in  a rural area and make a contribution to a cleaner environment for future generations. Since then much has changed. Our company has grown along  with the diversified wastewater services we offer, and our perspective has grown as well about our role in protecting the environment and creating jobs.
    Small business entrepreneurs, the Mom and Pop operations that are prevalent within our industry are the mainstays of small-town America. They serve to create jobs for our neighbors, pay taxes, create wealth and derive capital income from the local community. In the challenging economic times that we face we are going to rely more and more on these small businessmen and women to rebuild our economy and raise awareness of environmental concerns.
    What began as an ambitious idea to clean a few septic tanks has become a continuing effort to educate ourselves and our customers to best suit  our shared responsibility in maintaining, repairing and servicing wastewater treatment systems. We are proud of the work that we do and the industry we are engaged in. It offers us the direct opportunity to work for a greener future, build new relationships, share our knowledge and experience and make a fair living doing work that we enjoy.
     Tools and abilities that we have come to learn and possess have given us a valuable perspective about responsibility, communication and the role of small businesses and individual citizens in our communities and in the future of Ohio.
     We work hard to listen to our customers and to take a leadership role in helping them to make the best decisions for their system maintenance, budget needs and environmental stewardship. We welcome your questions, comments and assistance anytime.
Tim Kettler